Вышел War$ow 0.3!

Для всех, кто этого не заметил - вышла новая версия WARSOW 0.3 ! Эта игра участвовала в этом году в ModDB.com контесте, но заняла лишь второе место, уступив только всеми нами любимому TREMULOUS'у! В отличие от Tremulous пользуется большей поддержкой community и даже поддерживается телеканалом GIGA (www.giga.de), следствием чего возникли сервeра WARSOW на GIGA ESports League. Игра базируется на движке Quake 2 и носит cartoon характер, но с шармом!
Так что, в ожидании новой версии трема можно и warsow по-пробовать! Игру можно скачать для LINUX, MAC и Windows здесь!
Игра отличается своей динамикой и трюками и для того, чтобы полностью насладиться всеми её наворотами нужно немного по-тренироваться! :)

Недавно вышел новый trailer к игре, который на мой вкус не показывает всех её изяществ (линк).
Здесь вот youtube видео с телеканала GIGA о новой версии (на-немецком)!
Много другой информации по Warsow на www.warsow.net .

А вот полный список улучшений в новой версии игры:

New features:

* Clan Arena gametype
* New camming system for demos
* Internal server browser now supports sorting the server list, adding
favourite servers, stopping search and it also now remembers your search
* Awards system
* Option to show on the HUD what movement keys a player is pressing
* A zoom command
* Possibility to automatically follow powerup/killer/flag etc. while being
a spectator
* Coaching functionality for team games
* Death messages can now also be shown as icons on the HUD
* Ability to show other players as ghosts in race mode
* Skyportal support for maps
* Ability to set weapon's FOV independant from the view FOV
* A command to change to the last used weapon
* Ability to configure automatic weapon switching
Windows only:
* .pk3 files are now locked while they are needed
Linux only:
* Pasting is now supported
* It is now possible to quickly switch between fullscreen and windowed mode
without reloading the game module and media

New media:
* Added player model Padpork, including new sounds
* New weapon models for all weapons except the Rocket Launcher
* New skin for the Rocket Launcher
* New models for all armors
* New icons and simpleitems for all the items
* Added maps: wamph1, wamphi2, wca1, wctf5, wdm11, wdm14, wtest15, wtest16,
wtest17, wtest18
* Modified maps: wdm7, wdm5, wdm1, wctf1
* Modified textures: cha0s_wsw set
* Added character animations for dashing and walljumping
* New default HUD
* Added one menu music track
* Added 7 postmatch music tracks
* New lasergun sounds, including special sound for laser with quad
* Added special pain sounds when getting hit while wearing warshell
* Added a special hit sound for making a kill
* Added sound for projectiles hitting the water
* New sounds for using jumppad, picking up warshell, picking up weapons, grenade
bounches, picking up or using quad
* New background video

* Teamoverlay now also shows teammate's health and armor
* Sound attenuation algorithm was improved and is now the same for both sound
* HUD system has been enchanced to allow custom speed meters, hiding pickup
messages with a cvar, better weaponlist etc.
* Rockets now work differently with antilag
* Antilag values have been tweaked somewhat
* Midair gametype was removed
* Automatic demo recording in race mode has been disabled
* Fall damage was toned down a bit
* Gametype is now displayed when connecting to the server
* View weapon gun movement can now be completely disabled
* Pasting of multiple lines is now possible
* Changing the bind to bring down the console is now possible
* Armor system has been revised
* Many weapon settings have been changed
Linux only:
* The game now shuts down cleanly when receiving interrupt signal
* EOF from stdin now shuts down the server

* Demojump command didn't work right when jumping backwards
* Demolist and demoget commands work little better now
* The commands seta, setu and sets didn't obey cvar latching rules
* Strong laser didn't pass trought enemies like the weak one did
* Weak laser didn't have light and smoke puff effects
* HUD elements and map entities used old team names red, blue, green and yellow
* Simpleitems and other sprites could be displayed in wrong order
* Very small amounts of damage would only reduce armor, not health
* Lava and slime did much too little damage
* Freefloat spectator movement was slower during timeouts than in normal game
* It was possible to get huge speeds by jumping against angled ceilings
* Demo browser didn't work with filenames longer than 64 characters
* Internal server browser didn't work with resolutions of 1600x1200 and higher
* HUD element weaponlist didn't obey the align command
* Many entities didn't work correctly, if two players tried to activate them at
the same time
* Dead bodies were created in the race mode
* Checkpoints in race didn't work correctly
* Killing the player after finishing the race didn't work correctly
* Warshell HUD timer didn't work
* vsay_team could also be heard by the opponents
* Too much damage was done to health, when the orginal damage was higher than
the amount of armor
* Scrollbars could be too long
* You could only have one local server per computer visible on the in-game
server browser
* On certain resolution there was a black line in the screen when using the
bloom filter
* Missing end quote in commands could cause strange things to happen
* Connecting to address localhost tried to connect to the loopback server
* The game would crash when reading really big config files
* Flag pickup icons were missing
* There was a performance issue when joining large channel using the IRC module
* The game would crash if the width of the IRC window was set to 0
Linux only:
* Downloading of pk3 files didn't work when fs_usehomedir was set to 1